About Linda

About Linda

Linda is a skilled Master Stylist, Ouidad Curl Specialist, and Extension Specialist at our Ivanhoe location. With a passion for hairdressing and a commitment to excellence, Linda is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service and beautiful, personalized looks.

As a Master Stylist, Linda offers a wide range of cutting, coloring, and styling services, ensuring that each client receives a customized and flattering hairstyle that suits their individual needs and preferences. She specializes in curly hair care and is proficient in various extension techniques to add length, volume, and versatility to her clients’ hair, creating stunning transformations that leave them feeling confident and beautiful.

What decade would I have loved to do hair in?

When asked which era I’d choose for hairstyling, my ideal decade would be the 1950s. Envision the timeless Iconic Marilyn Monroe with her waves and volume – a style that sparked the trend of glamorous curls. This classic look remains in high demand for various occasions, including events and weddings. From the red carpet looks of Blake Lively to Serena Williams and more!

What do you want potential clients to know about you?

I want my clients to understand that I am deeply invested in both their desires and the artistry of my craft. When you’re in my chair, it becomes a space where we can bring dreams to life, coupled with comprehensive education. My goal is for you to leave not only with the exact look you desire but also with the knowledge to recreate it at home. I’ve encountered many who initially felt they couldn’t replicate the style, but I take pride in turning those sentiments into self confidence!

What career goal are you working towards?

I am actively exploring diverse avenues within the industry, with a significant aspiration to venture into the realms of the Red Carpet and New York Fashion Week. Additionally, I’m enthusiastic about expanding my expertise through educational classes, focusing on advancing my extension skills and mastering new balayage techniques.

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