About Nikki

About Nikki

Nikki is a Master Stylist at our Ivanhoe location. Prioritizing client comfort and hair integrity, Nikki is committed to providing exceptional service that focuses on both the well-being and satisfaction of her clients. As a Master Stylist, Nikki offers a wide range of cutting, coloring, and styling services tailored to each client’s unique preferences and needs.

Whether it’s a subtle trim or a dramatic color change, Nikki approaches each service with care and consideration for the long-term health of her clients’ hair. At Mosaic Hair Studio, Nikki’s dedication to her craft sets the standard for exceptional service.

How would you describe your approach to hair?

I cut and color hair for the person, not a trend. While it is always fun to switch it up, I personalize the cut and color to ensure that it complements their budget and maintains the integrity and health of their hair. I also want clients to feel they don’t have to spend two hours at home styling their hair. While I love in-depth styling, I cut hair so that my clients can wash and wear it with a bit of product if they choose to do so.

What do you love about being a stylist?

My 24-year career has allowed me the flexibility to travel the world, live abroad, and pursue other endeavors. The connections I have made with my clients are priceless, making styling feel less like a job and more like friends hanging out.

What’s been your favorite advanced hair-cutting/coloring class?

A year after graduating from hair school, I went to London and attended a week-long Vidal Sassoon cutting class that not only cemented my love of hair but also gave me the tools for precision cutting that I carry with me to this day. It also reiterated that a one-length bob, done correctly, is one of the most intricate cuts a stylist will ever do. p.s. Although they made us cut one for 4+ hours, it is still my favorite.

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