Q & A

Q & A

What drew you to working in the hair industry?

I discovered my passion for the beauty industry through my artistic endeavors, such as drawing, playing guitar, and experimenting with hair styling for myself and friends in high school. Initially done for fun, I found joy in the positive impact it had on people. Without a predefined career path, I stumbled upon the idea of pursuing a career in hairdressing, realizing it offered a perfect blend of creativity, personal expression, and the ability to make others feel confident. This realization marked the beginning of a fulfilling journey where I could have fun, express myself, and make a living while bringing happiness to others.

What does your role look like at Mosaic?

I joined Mosaic Hair Studio seven years ago, coincidentally on Valentine’s Day, and overall, I’ve been practicing the art of hair for 15 years. Mosaic has been an incredible source of support, fostering a reliable and peaceful salon environment. The owners are genuinely supportive, ensuring that both stylists and clients can trust in a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere.

What should clients know about being in your chair?

I prioritize approaching each individual and their hair with kindness and understanding, aiming to identify the best solutions for their needs. My focus is on efficiency, delivering results that clients love, all while fostering a comfortable and relaxed environment by getting to know them and hair goals.

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