A Little Love From Our Clients


I’m running out the door to meet some girlfriends for breakfast. All I did was mist my RED hair and scrunch – I’m out of here! Thank you for the redhead experience, great cut and comfortable time at your salon!

P.S. I love doing business with smart women!! Hi to Tanya – she’s a keeper!!

Pat Shannon

This was my first time at Mosaic and I loved it – Taleen curled my hair and the curls actually lasted more than 24 hours, even after I slept on them! Thank you!


Dear Mike and Kiri,

Almost 7 years ago, Jaime and I moved to Florida for Jaime’s new job. One of the most frustrating things about moving is finding people and services that you like and can trust. I tried a few salons in Orlando but really felt like something was missing in both the quality of work and the experience of the visit. I told my neighbor about my frustration and assured me that I would receive an excellent experience at your salon. I have never regretted my decision and wanted to thank you both for being fabulous hairdressers. You have brought out the best in my hair and made me feel confident in my look while keeping my style current and knowing my hair’s limitations. Now that we are moving to Indianapolis, we are once again feeling frustrated knowing that you will be hard to replace. Thank you.​

Jaime and Jennifer Davis

HI Mike & Kiri & Tanya!

Just wanted you to know that I GOT A JOB! More money, & same position with another printer in Longwood (what a commute!)I have just finished my first week of training, now we are ready to do some serious work. It was just one day from application to interview (which was over in the first 5 minutes) to offer.Everyone is asking me how I did it – IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE HAIR !!! Thanks for the great haircut & all the years of fun & friendship &(monkey) business. If I can help you out with anything, please let me know.



I’m running out the door to meet some girlfriends for breakfast. All I did was mist my RED hair and scrunch – I’m out of here! Thank you for the redhead experience, great cut and comfortable time at your salon!Hugs,Pat Shannon​P.S. I love doing business with smart women!! Hi to Tanya – she’s a keeper!!Dear Kiri, I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I was for your generosity last week. It is a very humbling experience to be in the position I’m in -I felt guilty for even wanting to use some of our resources to pamper myself. What you did for me was so much more than sharing of your resources. It was validiation that caring for my physical appearence is important – so important that you chose to go above and beyond to make me look and feel HOT! I was overwhelmed…I don’t know how else to say thanks. This past year has been full of extraordinary trial. Our financial crisis was just the icing on the cake. The stress I’ve been under seemed too much to bear at times. But my new look has also become an attitude. Ifeel hopeful…I feel confident…I feel powerful. And I owe it all to you. Mike you and Kiri are phenominal people. It is an honor and a blessing to know you and to do business with you. Thank you for truly caring for your clients. You see beyond the dollar sign and beyond the hairstyle, to the hearts of your customers. May God continue to bless you and your business. Keep on rockin’! =)

Tiffany C.


Best experience I’ve had so far w/ hair salons in Orlando! I am new here, and I felt completely welcomed, safe, and excited to be working with a staff that isn’t afraid to take risks! I changed my look and I’m totally in love with it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!​Jeniris

Dear Kiri,​

I want to thank you for the perfect hair on my wedding day. I loved it! You were very easy to work with. Thanks for doing a great job!


Dear Mike and Kiri,

​Thank you so much for making the trip down to Sarasota to make me beautiful on my wedding day. Everyone thought I looked absolutely stunning and my photographs were spectacular! this wouldn’t have been the case if it hadn’t been for the two of you. I really enjoyed “working” with the both of you. You made a part of my day that could have been very stressful into something that was extremely enjoyable and memorable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lindsey did a fantastic job!!

I been living in Orlando FL for over 3 years and finally find a place where I can have my hair done again, and again. The place is nice, the service is fantastic and a good job for a fair price. I ended up buying the products, even my new hairbrush. Thanks to all the crew that take care of my hair!!!



Going to the Pixie was a big step [or should I say a big CUT] for me and I love it. I am told I look 8 years younger than I am. I let the world believe it! I really liked the gloss treatment we did on my hair – it brought out the natural highlights and shine in my red hair.



Best haircut I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to come back!​


Taleen – Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I feel like you actually took the time to help me understand the cut and style so I could do it at home as well.


Loved being able to book appointment online. Great service, fast, just what I need for me.

Christina B.

Taleen, Perfect Blow dry!

Tracie S.

I called at 9:30am on a Friday & asked if they might have anyone available for my first time haircut & style. I said I was looking to change up my long, grown out hair & booked me for 11am with Lindsey!! I was running late because traffic was horrible so I called, but they were very understanding. I got there & was offered something to drink (very nice, but not frou frou). The salon is so warm & clean & welcoming. Love the look.Here comes my stylist Lindsey….. big, big warm smile & a welcoming handshake. She was such a positive, friendly, happy person to work with. And I am so happy with my new style. She listened to me, then made her suggestions, BUT not pushy like some stylists are. Thanks so very much, Lindsey!!She introduced me to Mike, the owner, who was very friendly. BTW… love the sideburns (maybe I can get my honey, Jim, to get some of those too). I will send Jim to you folks on one of your “Manly Mondays” since he is off on Mondays!!I will continue coming here from now on!!


Lucky I found this salon after a recent move to the Orlando area. Amelia is fabulous! She does an amazing job on highlights/lowlights. I have very long hair that many hair stylist are intimidated by; not Amelia! She does a great job trimming and she fully understands “just a trim”. I’ve had many people take off 2-3 inches which to someone with long hair is a tragedy. She also does a great job with blow outs. Also, friendly & social. The atmosphere of the salon is similar to an Aveda salon (which I love) yet a bit more trendy. They offer sodas, bottled water & wine during your service. Would not go anywhere else in Orlando.

Mindy B.

Exceptional Hair Salon! Talented, passionate, and knowledgeable hair stylists. Easy to book, convenient location close to College Park, Winter Park and Downtown. Mike fixed a horrible haircut I got at a salon on Park Ave and I couldn’t be happier. They often have specials and blow out packages, they do a fabulous job at a fair price. Love them!